Having your dentures professionally cleaned and polished will ensure your dentures always look like new! At Borbely Swiss Denture Clinic we offer a high quality professional cleaning and whitening service along with a selection of products to help you keep them clean at home.

Denture Cleaning

As with your own teeth, it’s important that you care for an clean your dentures at least twice per day and after eating when necessary.

Always remove your dentures for cleaning and give your gums a light brushing to stimulate blood circulation.

It’s important to keep your dentures as clean as possible to prevent infected gums, bacterial and fungal infections or further tooth loss.





Here are some tips to help keep your dentures sparkling clean;

  • The general rule is BRUSH, SOAK, BRUSH
  • Brush your dentures lightly to remove food particles prior to soaking.
  • Run your dentures under cool or warm water.
  • Soak overnight in denture cleaner if required. (Always follow the instructions)
  • Using a denture cleaning past and a soft bristled tooth brush, brush your gums, tongue and roof of your mouth lightly.
  • Rinse your dentures under cool or warm water to remove and residual cleaning solution.


Tooth colour will naturally darken with age however surface stains associated with tobacco products, medications, certain foods and drinks can also effect their colour.

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Borbely Swiss Denture Clinic can help you achieve the smile of your dreams using our consultative approach:

  1. Professional Assessment
  2. Consultation to ensure we achieve your desired outcome.
  3. Post treatment advice and support.

Tooth discolouration can happen to anyone, here are some common causes;

  • Age
  • Surface stains due to lifestyle (smoking, coffee, tea and wine)
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Some medications
  • Tooth decay, thin enamel and old fillings
  • Excessive fluoride

Regardless of the cause, Borbely Swiss Denture Clinic can help enhance your smile! Call today to find out more!