Couple by the sea with denturesYour smile is important for a number of reasons, it’s often the first impression you will make but more importantly it helps provide a feeling of confidence and self-worth.


At Borbely Swiss Denture Clinic we specialize in crafting the very best quality denture to suit your preferred aesthetics, whether you want perfectly aligned, bright white teeth to replicate a veneered look, or something a little different.
Complete or full dentures are available for clients that no longer have all upper or lower teeth. A full denture replaces all of the teeth and consists of a gum-coloured plastic base that completely covers the gum tissue. Most upper dentures completely cover the roof of the mouth, while lower dentures allow room for the floor of the mouth and tongue.
Partial dentures are removable and are used to replace missing teeth. Many people, including younger patients, who have lost teeth due to an accident or injury enjoy the benefit of partial dentures. Some people use partial dentures for aesthetic reasons, for eating & talking, or as a preventative measure to stop teeth from drifting or moving. Partial dentures can be used replace a single tooth or a combination of every other tooth. Quality partial dentures are very discreet and are often non detectable.
There are many applications for partial dentures which is why they are a great economical solution to providing you with the ability to smile and eat comfortably again!




  • A preliminary impression is taken of the gums and teeth along with an individual functional impression.
  • An intra- oral and an extra- oral registration will be completed to determine the functional processes in your jaw joint.
  • A trial denture is fitted to assess shape, fit and colour.
  • Completed denture is fitted and final adjustments are made.
  • A review appointment is needed to ensure the denture has seated into the gums.