3 Benefits of Dentures

The benefits of dentures include increased functionality and an improved appearance.  Because dentures are removable, many patients can find that they are easier to clean than natural teeth and other dental appliances.

  • Cosmetic Benefits: The cosmetic benefits of dentures are obvious, they can be used to fill in gaps left by missing teeth to provide patients with more confidence about their appearance. Dentures can replace missing teeth or teeth that were in poor condition, prevent shifting of remaining teeth, support facial structure and integrity, and increase self confidence.


  • Functional Benefits: Dentures offer a range of functional benefits for patients. Dentures allow patients to eat the foods they want, improve speech and typically lasts between five and 10 years (with proper care).


  • Price: Dentures tend to be the least costly solution for replacing missing teeth. Alternative treatment options such as dental bridges are generally more expensive and require more extensive treatment. However, properly fitted dentures or implant supported dentures do offer a better fit, increased comfort, better chewing ability, and a more natural appearance. For these reasons, dentures-wearers may want to ask their dental professional about these alternative treatment options. Your dental professional can let you know if you are a good candidate for dentures or implants, and let you know the cost of these options.