At Borbely Swiss, we pride ourselves on the quality of our denture services – dentures crafted using the Swiss Denture Concept. We’re committed to patient care and craftsmanship. This commitment has led us to become experts in denture relines and rebasing. These two techniques are essential when it comes to ensuring the comfort and longevity of our patients’ dentures long term.



What is a denture reline?

Denture relines are a straightforward, precise procedure to add lining to your dentures. Over time, your mouth will change – this primarily occurs because of bone loss. To accommodate these changes, material needs to be added to your dentures – though, in some areas, material may need to be removed due to denture shifting.

Our in-office relines begin with a thorough assessment of your mouth. The level of irritation will be measured, and we’ll take note of any sores or injuries. Your dentures will then be cleaned. From there, our team will adjust any parts of your denture base that are causing irritation in your mouth.

Once your denture is cleaned and sanded, the relining process can begin. There are two types of relines available: Hard relines and soft relines.

Soft relines

Soft relines are the best choice for people with very sensitive gums.The base of your denture will be relined with silicone, a softer material than the resin used for traditional hard lining. Our soft silicone linings are an excellent option when it comes to comfort for people with very thin gums. 

Hard relines

Hard relines are the best choice when you’re looking for durability – it’s the preferred option for most patients. Hard relining uses a similar resin to the resin that the base of your denture is made out of.


How long do denture relines take?

In most cases, our dental relining process takes about an hour – in no time at all, you’ll be leaving our office feeling more comfortable and more confident, with dentures that will last longer and work better. Sometimes, if your mouth has a lot of sores or sensitivity, we may send you home with a temporary reline while we wait for your mouth to heal. Relines are a simple, fast, and cost-effective way of improving your dentures! 

What is rebasing?

Relining is the process of replacing the lining of your dentures – the process often changes the thickness of your dentures by only a few millimetres. Rebasing, on the other hand, involves replacing the entire pink base of your dentures – all without replacing the teeth.

Rebasing is the best option when dentures are seriously damaged. Is the base of your denture cracked or even split in two? Is your denture’s base seriously worn out? In any of these cases, rebasing may be the best option.

The rebasing process is more complicated than relining, so you can expect it to take more time. Call Borbely Swiss – we’re rebasing experts, and we can complete a rebasing quickly, without compromising on quality!


Can we repair broken dentures?

Absolutely. Dentures can undergo all kinds of damage, from wear and tear that’s best addressed through a reline to serious fractures in the base that need to be tackled with rebasing or a simple repair if the fit of your denture is still good. 

Dentures can be damaged in other ways, too – clasps can become bent, warped, or broken, and teeth can be cracked, broken, or fall out. 

Fortunately, you’ve got the experts at Borbely Swiss on your side. Whether you’re looking for a relining, a rebase, or other denture repairs and adjustments, we’re here to help. Visit our denture repairs page for more information.


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