That’s why we offer same-day emergency denture repair to all of our patients. We don’t want chips, cracks, and missing teeth to stop you from looking and feeling your best. Our in-house laboratory and on-site technicians give us the ability to repair your dentures quickly and efficiently. By the time we’re done, your dentures may fit more comfortably than they did before – that’s all in a good day’s work.

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What to do when your dentures break

Don’t reach for a glue gun – call us right away! At-home adhesives like glue can be toxic – you don’t want to be breathing or swallowing them. Fortunately, we offer same-day denture  repair.

Emergency Denture Repair

Our emergency denture repair services

Mail-in denture repair

It’s not always convenient to visit us at our office. You might be away on vacation. You might live outside of Winnipeg and find yourself without the time or ability to drive out to visit us right away.

In any of these cases, take advantage of our mail-in denture repair services. Simply clean and disinfect your dentures, carefully wrap them in bubble wrap, package them securely, and send them to us. We highly recommend using a tracked, insured, and expedited postal service like Canada Post’s Xpresspost to ensure that you get your dentures back as quickly as possible.

Once we receive your dentures, we’ll start working on them right away, and send them back to you tracked and insured. It’s a great way of getting complex denture repairs done even when you can’t come to our offices!

Same-day denture repair

If you’re in Winnipeg and you need denture repairs, give us a call – chances are, we’ll be able to see you the day you call! It’s best to call in the morning if you can – that way, we can find a time that’s convenient for you to come in.

We can even accept walk-in emergency repairs on some days, but we highly recommend calling first – you never know when we might be working with other patients, so a walk-in might leave you waiting some time.

In almost all circumstances, we’ll be able to see you and repair your dentures the day you call – that’s the advantage of having an on-site laboratory and skilled, diligent technicians. Need denture repairs? Call us today!


Relining is rarely an emergency, but if your dentures are causing you considerable discomfort, we highly recommend calling us right away. A relining might be all you need – and our relining procedure is fast, efficient, and leads to much more comfortable dentures.

We’ll carefully examine your mouth, see where your dentures need to be relined, and offer a hard or soft reline, depending on your needs. The process can also extend the lifespan of your dentures – so call us today!


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Don’t go on living in pain or discomfort. Denture repairs are affordable, efficient, and available more quickly than you might have imagined. Best of all, they can also extend the lifespan of your dentures – that means they can save you a lot of money in the long run.

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