Swiss Denture Concept

When quality, looks and functionality are important, look no further than the SWISS DENTURE CONCEPT.

Developed by Candulor, The Swiss Denture Concept is based on a philosophy of denture restoration true to the Swiss model that uses the highest quality materials, that provides you with the most natural looking dentures on the market.

Candulor stands for top quality and since its foundation in Zurich in1936, it has manufactured prosthetic teeth, as well as materials and devices.

The Swiss Denture process focuses on the function of the dentures while also placing great importance on meeting the patients’ esthetic requirements. Swiss Dentures are crafted with NanoFilled Composite® denture teeth. This material has been specially developed to meet the high demands placed on teeth during our daily lives.

Using this material ensures you’ll receive a high-strength denture with the natural look and feel of porcelain teeth while providing superior abrasion resistance compared to acrylic teeth.

How do you recognize Swiss Dentures?

The process of providing patients with high quality Swiss Dentures is a little more involved than other types of dentures. Usually you will require two additional treatment sessions that will be used to ensure your new dentures are crafted with your needs and expectations in mind. This collaborative approach in crafting your new dentures will ensure you receive the most functional, natural looking dentures available.

Some features of Swiss Dentures include;

  • Both a primary impression and an individual functional impression will be taken to ensure the best possible fit.
  • The crafting of your Swiss Dentures requires an intra-oral and an extra-oral registration. This determines the functional processes in your jaw joint which will ensure optimal function of your new dentures.
  • Swiss Denture Concept use PhysioStar® NFC or PhysioSet anterior and Condyloform®NFC or Bonartic TCR posterior teeth and the denture material is dyed individually to match your gums.
  • All products used are made by Candulor, a leading Swiss dental manufacturer that produces the highest quality materials available.
  • Once your new dentures are fitted, you will also receive tuition on the most appropriate methods of care to ensure your dentures look good and stand the test of time.