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Non-removable Dentures: Reasons to Consider Them

Reasons to Consider Non-Removable Dentures There are mainly two different types of dentures that are available to you if you’ve lost  your teeth. There are removable dentures and there are non removable dentures. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages but we’ll go over the reasons why you should consider non-removable dentures as well. Teeth Don’t belong in a cup Your teeth belong in your mouth, not in a cup. Dentures are supposed to make you feel like you still have teeth. You won’t ever drop and break them, or lose your dentures If you have non removable dentures, they are

What Type of Denture Should I get?

What Type of Denture Should I get? What type of denture should you get. There isn’t one universal denture that fixes all your needs. You have different dentures, to suit different needs, all with different benefits. Thos three type of are conventional, immediate, and overdenture. Conventional Dentures Conventional Dentures are the dentures you see most people use. So once you’ve lost or taken out your teeth, they put a mould on your gums to fit and create your dentures. Conventional dentures usually take them, due to the surgery that is usually associated with losing or taking out your teeth. They

Why Should I Replace my Missing Teeth?

Why Should I Replace my Missing Teeth? Why should I replace my missing teeth? There are many reasons why you should replace your missing teeth. There are always pros and cons to situations, but replacing missing teeth should be a priority as the cons outweigh the pros, since there aren’t any benefits to losing your teeth.  Your Physical Appearance & Gum Disease   If you don’t replace missing teeth it will affect you’re physical appearance and leave you prone to gum disease. Losing your teeth means that your jaw and your gums aren’t stimulated the same way anymore, causing your gums to retract