How Can Dentures Improve My Self Confidence?


We’ve been in the denture business for decades, and in that time, we’ve learned an important truth: Dentures can dramatically boost the confidence of our patients.


Don’t get us wrong: There’s a bit of a learning curve when you start wearing dentures, and there are moments that can be downright embarrassing. But we’ve found that once our patients are adjusted to their dentures (it usually takes around a month), their whole lives are changed for the better.


How? Read on to find out. 


Dentures can improve your speech

Whether it’s talking with old friends over dinner or singing your favourite songs at a party, so much of human life revolves around our ability to share ideas, dreams, and feelings through speech.


People who are missing some or all of their teeth may find speaking and singing much more difficult. One of the biggest advantages of dentures is that they mimic the structure of natural teeth. Much of our speech is based on placing our tongues on or around our teeth. That means dentures can help restore your natural speaking patterns!


Many patients find that their speech may become slurred or difficult when they put on dentures for the first time. Not to worry – it’s just an adjustment period. By mindfully practising speaking either alone or with loved ones, you’ll quickly adjust to your dentures. Most of our patients find their speech is improved – sometimes drastically – by the end of the first month of wearing dentures. 


Dentures can help you eat your favourite foods again

We’ve talked about how much of our society revolves around speaking to each other. There’s another thing cultures around the world revolve around – food! It can be painful to have to decline invitations for lunch with friends or a family dinner because you’re worried you won’t be able to eat the food that’s served.


With dentures, you can eat anything. Soft foods, hard foods, sticky foods, spicy foods – nothing is off-limits because dentures are made to mimic natural teeth. If you’ve been missing out on social events and your favourite foods because of damage to your natural teeth, dentures may be the perfect option for you.


In the same way that new dentures can negatively affect your speech at first, you may find you can only eat soft foods for the first few days of wearing new dentures. Fortunately, you’ll soon adjust to your new dentures – and then, you’ll be able to happily attend potlucks, feasts, lavish dinners, and any other events you want, all while enjoying your best-loved foods with gusto!


Dentures can restore the look of your smile

Many of our patients have expressed to us how painful it is to feel like they can’t smile. Whether you’re posing for a picture or just waving hello to an old friend, being embarrassed to smile can feel like being embarrassed to be happy.


That’s a feeling that can hurt a lot.


Dentures restore the look of your smile. You’ll be able to grin at bad jokes, smile warmly at family members – even flash your pearly whites at complete strangers. You should never feel like you can’t smile – it’s a natural reaction to happiness, and you deserve to be happy. Restoring your smile can give you a huge boost to your self-confidence.


We want everyone who feels embarrassed about their smile to be able to smile with confidence again. That’s one of the reasons we offer free consultations to all of our new patients. We’re here to help you restore your smile. 


Dentures can improve your general health

When you aren’t able to eat properly, you can encounter all kinds of health problems. You might not be getting the nutrients you need if you can only eat soft or liquid foods – and you might be avoiding eating if you find it difficult or painful.


Food that isn’t chewed properly can also cause all kinds of problems, ranging from digestive issues like diarrhea and acid reflux to mood problems and skin problems. Dentures can improve all of the above – and if you’re feeling better, you can see a serious boost in your overall mood and confidence. 


Dentures can support your facial structure

When your teeth are seriously damaged, worn down, or missing, it can affect your facial structure. Muscles can start to sag, and your facial proportions can look unbalanced. Dentures change the shape of your face, restoring balance and proportion to your face.


Implant dentures are particularly good at supporting facial structures, as the implants can help you maintain a healthy jawbone. Talk to our denturist in Winnipeg to see if implant dentures are the right choice for you. 


A happier life can lead to more confidence!

Everything we’ve discussed can have a major impact on your confidence. You’ll be able to go to lunches and dinners and enjoy all your favourite food – and talk with your most-loved people. Food and people make us smile, and we’re sure they’ll make you smile too – especially now that you can smile with confidence, knowing you’ve got a full set of beautiful teeth. 


Our custom-fitted dentures promote general health and facial structure, so you’ll look and feel better than you did before. That gives you even more reasons to smile!


We truly believe that dentures can positively impact every aspect of your life – and if that’s not a confidence booster, we don’t know what is.