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Can I Sleep In My Dentures?

Can I Sleep In My Dentures?  Some people just don’t like not having a mouth full of teeth. Some people may be a little forgetful.  Whatever the reason, if you’re wearing dentures to bed, STOP! Leaving your dentures in while sleeping can have a serious impact on your overall health. Studies published in the Journal of Dental Research suggest that for older patients, wearing dentures to bed can increase the risk of being hospitalized, or even contracting pneumonia or a serious lung infection when compared to those who don’t wear dentures to bed.  We know what you’re thinking….…..How can wearing dentures

Immediate Dentures Winnipeg

What do Immediate Dentures & The Winnipeg Jets have in common? Do You Like Waiting – Why? The satisfaction of immediate results is well ingrained in our society. If you want to know when the final season of the World Hockey Association was played (1978 to 1979) you pull out your phone and search for an immediate answer through google. Want to know who won that season? Another quick search tells you that it was the Winnipeg Jets. Waiting is something none of us want or have to do. So, why wait for dentures when you could be smiling tomorrow?

3 Benefits of Dentures

3 Benefits of Dentures The benefits of dentures include increased functionality and an improved appearance.  Because dentures are removable, many patients can find that they are easier to clean than natural teeth and other dental appliances. Cosmetic Benefits: The cosmetic benefits of dentures are obvious, they can be used to fill in gaps left by missing teeth to provide patients with more confidence about their appearance. Dentures can replace missing teeth or teeth that were in poor condition, prevent shifting of remaining teeth, support facial structure and integrity, and increase self confidence.   Functional Benefits: Dentures offer a range of