What do Immediate Dentures & The Winnipeg Jets have in common?


Do You Like Waiting – Why?

The satisfaction of immediate results is well ingrained in our society. If you want to know when the final season of the World Hockey Association was played (1978 to 1979) you pull out your phone and search for an immediate answer through google. Want to know who won that season? Another quick search tells you that it was the Winnipeg Jets.

Waiting is something none of us want or have to do. So, why wait for dentures when you could be smiling tomorrow?

That’s Right. SMILING

It’s easy for time to slip by and before we know it, it’s been years since we’ve seen our dentist. You knew your dental health was important but, by the time you got to it,  your dentist tells you, you have teeth that need to come out. You’ve seen others with missing teeth and noticed they don’t smile as much as they used to. You know that dentures are an option, but do you really want to wait?

Borbely Swiss Denture clinic offers immediate dentures, which means that you can have immediate partial or full dentures inserted right away. Immediate dentures can also be used as a short term solution to allow your gums time to heal without anyone ever knowing that your teeth are less than perfect. This allows you time to decide on future treatment or other options.

Can Something Fast Also Be High Quality?

The trick to doing something really well in a small amount of time is to spend a lot of time in preparation for the work. An experienced denturist will take a high quality mold of your mouth. A quick set model can then be made in a matter of minutes. Denture teeth are premade to fit a variety of sizes ,shapes and shades Your  denturist examines the model and chooses a set of teeth that will look most natural.

The dentures are finished on the outside, but the inner surface is unfinished so that it can be customized to your mouth with special pliable material after extractions of the teeth.  The palate is then checked for fit and the flanges are trimmed to accommodate your mouth’s muscles and structure. Additional material can also be added to fill in any gaps.

So, can dentures be done fast? Absolutely.

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