Can I Sleep In My Dentures?


Some people just don’t like not having a mouth full of teeth.

Some people may be a little forgetful.

Whatever the reason, if you’re wearing dentures to bed, STOP!

Leaving your dentures in while sleeping can have a serious impact on your overall health. Studies published in the Journal of Dental Research suggest that for older patients, wearing dentures to bed can increase the risk of being hospitalized, or even contracting pneumonia or a serious lung infection when compared to those who don’t wear dentures to bed.

We know what you’re thinking….…..How can wearing dentures cause serious lung infections or even PNEUMONIA ?

Dentures that aren’t removed while sleeping can become a breeding ground for all kinds of dangerous bacteria and fungi and can readily be moved from the mouth to lungs by simply breathing.

Another health issue that can be caused by wearing dentures to bed is a condition called stomatitis. Stomatitis is identified by a red and inflamed palate that has been infected with yeast.  The yeast can also infect the corners of your mouth which can cause a severe irritation called Angular Cheilitis.

The good news is, voiding these issues caused by wearing dentures while sleeping is quite simple;

  1. Don’t wear dentures to bed.
  2. Remove and rinse your dentures after meals.
  3. Brush your gums and tongue everyday.
  4. Brush and clean your dentures everyday.
  5. Store your dentures properly when not in use. (Either water or a denture solution)

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