Why Should I Replace my Missing Teeth?


Why should I replace my missing teeth? There are many reasons why you should replace your missing teeth. There are always pros and cons to situations, but replacing missing teeth should be a priority as the cons outweigh the pros, since there aren’t any benefits to losing your teeth.

Your Physical Appearance & Gum Disease

If you don’t replace missing teeth it will affect you’re physical appearance and leave you prone to gum disease. Losing your teeth means that your jaw and your gums aren’t stimulated the same way anymore, causing your gums to retract and your jaw to shrink. You tend to be more prone to gum disease as well. If you’ve lost a tooth, your other teeth tend to try and fill in the space as well so it will mess with the alignment and shape of your jaw. So due to those things, you start to lose the support to your cheeks and lips, causing them to look loose, saggy, and wrinkly. People who tend to be a bit younger, tend to lose their self esteem as it has an psychological affect on them.

So what are my options?

So you do have a few options so your physical appearance doesn’t change and you don’t become prone to gum disease. You get a dental implant and get an implant crown to replace the tooth that you lost. You can also get an implant retained bridge, or a implant retained denture. All of which would help and support your jaw and gums. The only difference is the amount of teeth they support. The other option is just to get dentures. Whether they are partial dentures. complete dentures, or the same implant supported dentures.
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