Do I need a hard or soft denture reline?


As discussed in our previous post, if you’ve had dentures for a while, you’ll need to eventually get them relined. Before we discuss the difference in a hard or soft denture reline here’s an explanation on what a reline is. Denture relines are used to correct loose fitting dentures to comfortably fit your mouth again due to the change of your jaw shape or strength. A reline consists of your denture being shaved down and replaced with plastic, so that dentures realign with your gums.

Hard Reline

To accommodate the changes of the shape in your jaw, a hard reline may be needed. It consists of removing some plastic from your denture, then using impression material (putty) the get the shape of your jaw. This lets us recreate the shape of the impression to perfectly fit your jaw. Just like your dentures, after some time another reline or replacement may be needed.

Soft Reline

A soft reline is very similar to a hard reline. They are usually used when you have sensitive gums and your dentures are uncomfortable to wear.  Instead of fixing the denture with a hard acrylic, a soft reline uses a softer and porous material which if you have sensitive gums can make them more comfortable.  The downside is, because they are softer, they do need to be adjusted more often than a hard reline.

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