Personalized Cosmetic Dentures


There aren’t many of us that don’t want a ‘perfect smile’. The solution, Personalized Cosmetic Dentures

At Borbely Swiss Denture Clinic we understand how important it is that your new dentures resemble the way your teeth looked before extraction. 
The best way to achieve a natural looking smile is with a personalized cosmetic denture.
Cosmetic dentures are unique and individual in their construction. They can deliver results that look so natural that no-one will even notice you’re wearing them. Using advanced technology combined with our expertise we can create new teeth from scratch, as opposed to a standard pre-fabricated denture. Each tooth we create is unique in shape and colour which makes for a seamless result when constructing a partial denture.  We can even match and blend your denture teeth with your existing natural teeth so well that no-one will notice the difference.
Our experience and ongoing education ensure our patients are receiving the very best care and support avaliable. Our collaborative approach includes, involving the patient, dental prosthetist, dental technician and if necessary, your dentist. This ensures the construction process flows smoothly and provides the very best results.

Why Cosmetic Dentures? 

Cosmetic dentures are individually crafted to match and compliment your natural teeth. We can incorporate your unique characteristics into your new dentures to achieve a realistic, lifelike set of dentures, made just for you.
Cosmetic dentures can also address the following issues:

1. ‘I don’t want them to look like dentures’

A concern for many patients enquiring about dentures are that they want their teeth to look as natural as normal and not look like dentures at all. personalized cosmetic dentures are completely individual, unique and customised specifically to your needs. 
Our dentures don’t just look good – they’ll make you feel good.

2. Lip Support

Our state of the art equipment, ensure we’re able to take very we precise measurements to help us construct a denture that fits your mouth perfectly. We make sure that the tooth arrangement matches your lip movements and facial features and can also tailor the amount of lip support provided.

3. Skin & Tissue Colour Matching

Individual colours are chosen to match the tissue in your mouth. We’ll build and form natural looking tissue around your denture.
Other issues that can be addressed with a personalized cosmetic denture include:
• Gaps in between denture teeth
• Denture teeth crossed over
• Tissue colour on the denture
• Colour of teeth
Contact us for a consultation to discuss which denture treatment is right for you.