What Type of Denture Should I get?


What type of denture should you get. There isn’t one universal denture that fixes all your needs. You have different dentures, to suit different needs, all with different benefits. Thos three type of are conventional, immediate, and overdenture.

Conventional Dentures

Conventional Dentures are the dentures you see most people use. So once you’ve lost or taken out your teeth, they put a mould on your gums to fit and create your dentures. Conventional dentures usually take them, due to the surgery that is usually associated with losing or taking out your teeth. They need to give it time to heal, because we don’t want to create a mould with a swollen mouth. It just wouldn’t fit correctly. These can usually take up to a month after the surgery. So you’ll be toothless for a month.

Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are exactly what they sound like, Immediate dentures. These type of dentures have their own benefits. For example, you can still eat and feel confident compared to being toothless for a month and changing your food lifestyle. The only thing with immediate dentures is that, since a mould isn’t taken right away, but after, the immediate denture that they do give won’t usually fit in the long term. Eventually, you’ll be coming back to get conventional dentures and be toothless for a time. Also with immediate dentures, they are usually more expensive and time consuming. You have to come back very often to either loosen or tighten up the denture to fit your mouth. This process usually will take up to 6 months, until your gums are healed, and you would be getting the conventional dentures.


Overdentures are usually just used when you still have a portion of your teeth which you can still save from bone loss. So instead of removing them, they implant a small partial overdenture to provide the eating support you need and the extra support to your jaw.

All of these are very situational, so contact us to see what type of denture suits you best.