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Do I need a hard or soft denture reline?

Do I need a hard or soft denture reline? As discussed in our previous post, if you’ve had dentures for a while, you’ll need to eventually get them relined. Before we discuss the difference in a hard or soft denture reline here’s an explanation on what a reline is. Denture relines are used to correct loose fitting dentures to comfortably fit your mouth again due to the change of your jaw shape or strength. A reline consists of your denture being shaved down and replaced with plastic, so that dentures realign with your gums. Hard Reline To accommodate the changes of the shape

Denture Relines in Winnipeg

Denture Relines in Winnipeg My dentures don’t fit like they used to, what should I do? At some point you’ll need to reline your dentures.  Dentures should be relined if they become loose, however it’s also important to remember that most dentures are designed to last between 3 to 8 years. The wear and tear on your dentures, shrinking of your jaw bone, and the general aesthetics of the denture are the main reasons your should consider having your dentures checked and relined regularly. Rather than visit a denturist to address these issues, some patients prefer to wear denture adhesives to keep

Personalized Cosmetic Dentures

There aren’t many of us that don’t want a ‘perfect smile’. The solution, Personalized Cosmetic Dentures At Borbely Swiss Denture Clinic we understand how important it is that your new dentures resemble the way your teeth looked before extraction.  The best way to achieve a natural looking smile is with a personalized cosmetic denture. Cosmetic dentures are unique and individual in their construction. They can deliver results that look so natural that no-one will even notice you’re wearing them. Using advanced technology combined with our expertise we can create new teeth from scratch, as opposed to a standard pre-fabricated denture. Each