Non-removable Dentures: Reasons to Consider Them


There are two types of dentures: removable dentures and non-removable dentures. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but we’ll discuss why you should consider non-removable dentures.

REASON 1: No teeth in a cup.

The last place you want to find your teeth is in a cup. You should be able to eat, drink, and smile normally again with dentures in your mouth.

REASON 2: Dentures won’t fall out.

You can’t take them out since they’re permanently attached to your teeth, if you have any. Implanted teeth cannot be dropped and broken.

REASON 3: They are a part of you.

They become more than simply an accessory; they become a part of you. This is one of the greatest advantages of non-removable dentures. They’re easier to use, and they look and feel completely normal.

REASON 4: They are more effective.

Unlike removable dentures, these are fully supported dentures. Rather than having only a few things to eat, you can eat more food that is part of a whole diet.

REASON 5: A good night’s rest.

Removable dentures can make it difficult to sleep if you don’t wear them. Removable dentures remove jaw support, which supports your airways. It is more likely that your airway will close if you don’t have a true jaw to support it. You wouldn’t be able to breathe, which would cause your body to wake up. Less sleep causes more headaches.

REASON 6: Misalignment of the jaw joints, or TMD

TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder) happens when your jaw muscles and joint don’t work together. Your teeth now play a role. Without that support, you may experience neck, back, and headache pain.

We hope this information has been useful to you.

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