Is It Safe To Repair Or Reline Dentures At Home?


The internet is a strange place – there’s a lot of great information to be found and tons of misinformation as well; people are prone to exaggeration. We’d like to tell you that the world of dentures is exempt from this kind of misinformation and hyperbole – but it’s not.


One category we’ve found to be quite prone to misleading information is denture repair. There are YouTube videos that claim you need no experience to do repair and that the fixes you can do at home are as good as anything you can get at your denturist’s office. Then there are denturists who claim that at-home repairs are risky – dangerous even – and that any and all DIY repairs are problematic.


When there are two extremes, the truth often lies somewhere in the middle – and so it is with denture repair. In this article, we’re going to examine when it’s safe to repair your dentures at home, when it’s best to go see a denturist, what kind of at-home repair is available, and whether or not you can reline your dentures at home.


How can you repair your dentures at home?

You can purchase denture repair kits. These kits contain a safe dental epoxy that you can use to conduct minor repairs. They may also include replacement teeth that you can use temporarily. These kits are pretty easy to obtain.


What you should never do, however, is attempt to repair your dentures using anything but a denture repair kit. Utilizing any other kind of adhesive can damage your dentures and can introduce toxins into your system. Make sure to only use the type of dental epoxy that dentists use.


Now you know how you can repair dentures at home – but just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Denture repair kits aren’t supposed to be used as permanent solutions – just as temporary fixes. That brings us to our next point:


When should you repair your dentures at home?

When you have minor cracks or nicks in your dentures, at-home repairs are a good idea – as a temporary fix. At-home repair kits will not, however, help you with more serious damage, like a denture that’s been cracked in half.


If you decide to make repairs at home, be sure to call your denturist for permanent repairs as soon as possible. Realistically, it’s a better idea to call your denturist before even buying the at-home repair kit – it’s possible they’ll be able to see you the day you call or soon after. 


Is it worth it to get your dentures repaired by a professional?

Absolutely. Full & partial dentures should always be repaired by professionals – at-home repair kits are just a stopgap to keep you comfortable if you have to wait a bit for your appointment, or if you’re away on vacation. When dentures are repaired professionally, there’s far less risk of damage, and the repairs are more comfortable. Professional denture repair usually costs around $100-$500, and it’s well worth the price. Professional repairs significantly improve the lifespan of your dentures.


Can I reline my dentures at home?

You can – but we highly recommend against it. At-home relining kits use a direct impression technique – you put the compound in your mouth and bite down, then it forms to your mouth. This technique is extremely inaccurate and can cause discomfort. It can even damage your dentures.


Getting your dentures relined by a denturist is the way to go. You’ll probably only have to reline your dentures once or twice over the course of their lifespan. Relining can be done relatively quickly, and it ensures your dentures will look and feel their best, all while extending their lifespan. 


Leave repairs and relining to the professionals! 

By getting your Winnipeg dentures repaired or relined by a professional denturist, you’ll ensure that the repairs are done properly, with no damage to the dentures themselves. Best of all, you’ll extend the life of your dentures. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, after all, and by getting your dentures repaired professionally, you may end up saving a lot of money. Repairing dentures is much more affordable than having to buy a whole new set.