What are Immediate Dentures?

Before & after immediate dentures

Immediate denture treatment ensures you never need to appear in public without teeth.

An immediate denture is a complete or partial denture inserted on the same day, immediately following the removal of natural teeth. Used in many different situations, immediate dentures can provide a solution for patients with very poor teeth condition (which can often be caused by severe gum disease) that includes both top and bottom dentures.

An immediate denture could also be a short term solution to allow the gums to heal before you consider other treatment.



The number of appointments needed will depend on how many teeth need replacing.

The basic procedure is:

  • An impression is taken of your teeth
  • The denturist advises the technician which tooth (or teeth) are going to be extracted.
  • The denturist confirms the correct tooth has been added before the tooth extraction, the tooth is made numb, removed and the denture is immediately fitted.
  • A review appointment will be needed to make adjustments.