kids playing sport

Sporting accidents are one of the most common causes of dental injury. Every year thousands of people, adults and children, are treated for dental injuries that could have been avoided or minimized by wearing a protective, custom-fitted mouth guard.


Wearing a custom-fitted mouth guard can help to absorb the impact of a blow to your face, which could cause injury to your mouth or jaw.Injuries to teeth can result in time off work or school and can be painful and disfiguring. Treatment can involve several lengthy appointments presuming it is even possible to save the tooth. The cost of an injury to your teeth or jaw far exceeds the cost of a custom-fitted mouth guard.



Mouth guards should be worn while playing and training for any sport where there is a possibility of contact to the face. These sports can include hockey, baseball, football, basketball and even skateboarding, snowboarding & skiing.


Mouth guards help protect you in the following ways:

  • They protect your teeth from accidental blows to the head from elbows, knees, sporting equipment, heads etc..
  • They stop your teeth from being pushed into one and other and causing further damage.
  • They help to protect your lips from cuts and punctures by shielding them from your teeth.
  • They can help lower the risk of concussion by creating a buffer between your head and chin along with reducing the risk of possible jaw fractures.

Our mouth guards are custom made to the exact shape of your mouth, ensuring you are able to breathe & communicate effectively. Whether you’re playing sport for the first time or are a professional athlete, ensure you protect your teeth with a mouth guard from Borbely Swiss Denture Clinic!.